He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Mark 16:15


Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

February & March

Oak Grove cheerfully supports and gives to the Annie Armstrong Easter offering. Giving can be done all year long but emphasis is placed on this ministry in February and March coinciding with Easter.  49% of the North American Missions Board budget is provided by Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.


Because YOU give:

$10   a missionary can purchase gospel tracts to engage his community in Toronto.

$20 a North American missionary is able to buy lunch and build a relationship with her Muslim


$50 a Send City Missionary has a bus fare for a month to travel in an unreached area of his city.

$150 a church plant’s community group is resourced with Bibles, books and other discipleship

          materials in Oregon.

$400 a GenSend student missionary is able to spend time mentoring underprivileged children in

 the inner city.

$450 a Vancouver missionary can receive a semester of coaching from a church planting mentor.

$500 a block party starts gospel conversations in a community in Maine.

$1100 a church planter is able to attend a two-day orientation training at the North American

 Mission Board.

$1200 a North American missionary can pay half a month’s rent for a New York apartment.

$2000 a new children’s ministry can be resourced with curriculum and equipment in Colorado.

$2400 a bi-vocational, church planting missionary can receive a seminary scholarship.

Every gift to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®—100 percent—goes to train, resource and send more than 5,000 missionaries across the U.S., territories and Canada.

Together for His Kingdom.