Questions of Membership…


How do I become a member of Oak Grove Baptist?


At the conclusion of the worship service you will be invited to come to  the front of the church and speak to the pastor regarding any decision the  Lord is directing  you to come to.  At this time you may  tell the pastor that you desire to become a member at Oak Grove Baptist Church.


Are there pre-requisites for Church Membership?

Yes, all candidates for membership are required to  follow the teachings from the Bible that  to be a part of the local  church you must be a baptized  believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 2:41)  Following confirmation of Baptism either by transfer of membership or baptism here at Oak Grove, all new members are required to attend Discovering Church Membership, our new members class.


What if I am not Southern Baptist?  Can I still join Oak Grove?


Yes, all are welcome to seek to join Oak Grove Baptist.  Oak Grove’s priority is to make sure there is faith in Christ and baptism by immersion.


Are there different ways to join Oak Grove?


At the end of each worship hour, those desiring membership are encouraged to come forward.

 By profession of faith in Christ and believer’s baptism.

 By transfer of letter from a sister Baptist church.

 By statement of membership in a church of like faith.

If your church membership records are not available, we will accept you  on your statement that you have personal faith in Christ and have been scripturally baptized.



What if I still have some questions?
Call the Church office, anytime, to speak to someone more. 804-275-7807.